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We are delighted to introduce our new bid review, feedback & improvement service to help further maximise your chances of success. Electronically submit your application to us and we will conduct a mock assessment, based on eight key criteria used by the funding bodies. You will receive detailed written feedback and tips on how to improve your answers to every question. As part of this service, we offer structured, intensive, one-to-one feedback.

This service has been designed particularly with first-time applicants in mind, but is also used by clients who may have been applying for funding for some time, but with limited success. As part of the service, we also offer a personalised one-hour surgery, during which clients receive verbal feedback, a mock score and further advice on how to improve their application. We are also happy to answer any additional questions clients may have.

In offering this service, we are proud to be working in partnership with event management company Deaville & Co (www.deavilleandco.com). Clients interested in taking advantage of this opportunity should therefore contact Verity Deaville in the first instance (on 01260 263026 or send an email to verity@deavilleandco.com). Bids can be reviewed at any time, however surgeries are held on a monthly basis only, so it is advisable to book early.

The price of this service is £250 per application reviewed.

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