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Searching for funding can be an extremely time consuming exercise, particularly for those new to this area of work. We subscribe to all of the major funding databases, containing details on literally thousands of different sources of grant funding. Using our expertise, we are able to identify the funding opportunities that most closely match your organisations’ aims and objectives, thereby saving you time and money.

Starting with an initial consultation to ascertain your requirements, we can quickly and professionally devise a structured funding plan in response to the developmental needs of your organisation. We scan the thousands of different funding programmes and grant schemes, in order to find the ones that are the most relevant for you and which are most likely to yield a successful outcome.

This part of our service normally involves two to three days work and involves a realistic assessment of what is available to you, taking into account the nature of your organisation’s work, who its’ key client groups are and how much it needs to raise in total. We then present the results in order of priority, indicating which schemes, programmes and funders should be approached first.

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